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simon hargreaves

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Born and raised in the countryside. Living in London. Laughs at all the bad jokes during speeches. Gets wrinkles around his eyes every time he smiles. Has been a DJ over half his life. Happy he has found his true passion in videography. Loves: climbing, cycling, records, travelling, cooking, tea and coffee, movies, gadgets, frisbee, learning new things, creativity.

Hannah Green-hargreaves

Get to know her

Born & raised in Los Angeles but moved to Arizona when she was a teenager. Living in London with her husband Simon. Empathetic and caring,


Loves: climbing, hiking, crafting, photos, Freida Kahlo, succulents, organic,



hargreaves films


We met in South Korea and got married in Iceland. We love travelling and shooting together. If you're wondering where the Hare logo comes from it's the name. Hargreaves literally means "Hare thicket" in old English.

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