Hire a Wedding Filmmaker: 10 Reasons Why

So, I’m going to list 10 reasons why you should hire a wedding filmmaker. Before I do that, let’s get the obvious of out the way. I am pretty biased on this issue. As a wedding filmmaker myself, I couldn’t really be more biased! It’s like the butcher who thinks his sausages are the best (Ok, so I’m not very good at smilies). But, even if you read this article and went and hired another wedding filmmaker, I’d still be happy. I believe in it that strongly. So, here are my reasons why.

1. You are creating an “heirloom”

What do I mean by that? Well, I’m not personally a fan of the term “heirloom” and it’s certainly not a physical one these days. It’s most likely a digital file. But, it is something that you can pass down through the generations. Think of it this way. Would you watch a film of your parents or even grand parents wedding, given the choice? I certainly would! I’d love that. I’d even watch the wedding of my paternal grandparents, who I never even met! So do your children a favour and film your wedding. 

2. You can re-live the best day of your life whenever you want.

Your wedding day flashes by. It’s just one of those things that happens. First there’s all the anticipation, then the ceremony, meeting all your friends, the speeches, first dance and partying. There’s so much that happens on a wedding day and no time to step back and soak it all in. So of course it is going to go by fast. Film is still the most powerful medium we have available to us right now to capture what happened during the day. (And don’t say virtual reality, because that still sucks!).

3. Film captures part of the day photos don’t 

It’s a given people are going to get photos taken on their wedding day. That’s a standard thing and I am not arguing that you shouldn’t have photos. All I’m saying is that film tells a different side of the story. Photos are great, but do they record what the father of the bride says to his daughter during his speech? Do they capture the reading that the mother of the groom chose to read during the ceremony? No, they don’t! I rest my case! Wait, no I don’t I have more reasons still…

4. Film captures the emotions

There’s something about film that can evoke emotion in a really pure way. It’s not uncommon for past clients to tell me that they laughed and cried all the way through their film. That’s the best feedback I can receive truth be told. Film can capture the jokes and the kind words said, as well as the reactions to them. That’s what it’s all about!

5. Wedding films can be incredibly personal 

Wedding films have the potential to be very personal and reflect who you are as a person. You still need to make sure you choose the right wedding filmmaker to make sure they capture your ‘essence’. But, if you do, you’ll have a great momento of who you are. You can show friends and family or just watch back again in the future. 

6. You get to see “the other side” 

Traditionally, you don’t get to see the bride or groom before the ceremony, right? Well, if you get a wedding film made, you can side step this issue. You get to see your other half as they get ready in the morning, retrospectively of course!

7. You can find out what guests have been up to

You also get to see what your guests get up to. You miss a lot of the party when you’re getting ready, off taking portrait shots or just chatting to all your guests. A wedding film can show you things that happened behind your back. So, you get to enjoy the moment too.

8. Film ‘captures’ people at a certain age

I should probably put this one at number 1! But, I’ve not been doing these in any particular order, so I’ll just leave it here. Having film of your loved ones at certain ages in their life is is like gold dust. Whenever I’m shooting I always make sure I get extra footage of kids and the elder generations. You can’t really put a price on seeing and hearing your loved ones once they’ve gone. It’s also great to show kids who have since grown up what they used to be like!

9. You can send film to people who can’t make it

Not everyone can always make it to your wedding. For friends and family who can’t make it to your wedding, a wedding film is perfect for them. They get to see you tying the knot and enjoying yourselves from the comfort of their own home. Be it the other side of the world or not. 

10. We’re not as invasive as you may think

These days, video equipment is pretty small. We can capture incredible looking footage with cameras that are no bigger than the ones the photographer will be using. In fact, they’re often exactly the same type of camera. During the important parts of the day like ceremony and speeches, we will be perched on tripods with long lenses. We can capture the action for afar and not be invasive at all. 
Ok, so there’s your 10 reasons that I just made up off the top of my head.  I totally didn’t steal the last 3 from our Google overlord. Hopefully, these 10 Reasons why you should hire a wedding filmmaker have helped you in some way make up your mind whether you should get one or not! Please continue to browse the blog for more tips, go check out some of my films or fire me a message if you have more questions!