How it works

Our packages are bespoke and are designed to be as easy as possible to put together. Simply choose the number of camera operators you require on the day of your wedding and then select the edits you require.

Number of Operators


Each wedding we shoot requires at least 2 camera operators. This ensures full coverage which means flexibility choosing the type of edit you want. You can decide to add more edits at a later date, as we've ensured we've recorded enough footage already.


As a husband and wife team, we know each other through and through, allowing us to focus on the important things on your wedding day. We can be in two places at once and manoeuvre around any obstructions. We also have the option for 3 operators for those extra large weddings.

Choose your Edit

Highlight Film

3-5 min


This is our most popular edit and for good reason. We inject music into
the sound and images we captured during the wedding to convey the story
and emotions of the day. Allowing you to relive every moment. Perfect to
watch over and over again and share it with friends and family. This is
our main product and are proud to say that we spend a lot of time
crafting these short clips.

Feature Film

8-12 min

An extended version of our highlight film. More footage, more audio and more songs. Everything in the edit moves at a slightly slower pace so you can savour every moment.

Ceremony & Speeches


Still haven't had enough after the 15 minute extended highlight film? Or do you just want to see the whole ceremony or what was said during the speeches? We can provide you with a separate edit of each, with multiple camera angles.


1 hr

The whole wedding edited into a chronologically ordered ± 60 minute documentary. Great to watch how the day went from all perspectives. Has all the highlights including those of the ceremony and speeches. Ideal to watch with just the two of you or with friends and family,

Raw footage delivery

We understand that sometimes, you just want to see every part of your wedding. Shots of your relatives that might not have made the cut are still important for you to see. That's why if you want all the footage from your day, we're happy to deliver it on a large capacity hard drive.

Like what you see?

If you like our style and want us to tell your story, just click the link below to build an instant quote.