Joanna and Nathan’s wedding took place in and around East London. It was filled with lots of prayer, dancing, singing and food! It also turns out I really love Ethiopian food! Nom nom.

The Bride & Groom

Joanna and Nathan or ‘Natty’ & ‘Jo’ are of Ethiopian descent, but Natty lives in Netherlands. 

The Wedding Day

The wedding included lots of singing and dancing! The church band was there for most of the day singing traditional Ethiopian songs. The songs are really uplifting and got everyone into it, it was actually pretty cool to film.

Natty & Jo also chose to do a version of a ‘first look’. They didn’t actually look but hid around the corner from each other and whispered stuff… So I guess it was more of a ‘first talk’ (lol). It was cool to have some footage of the bride and groom before the ceremony that I could use in the film though.

Natty & Jo were also staying at the It’s a luxury Hotel in East London which is super high! We got the opportunity to go there half way through the day for a quick portrait session. We managed to grab some lovely footage with the city of London in the background. 

Wedding in East London. Bride and Groom Portrait session at the top of the Stratford Hotel, with London City in the background.

St Anne’s Church

The wedding ceremony venue was their local Ethiopian church in East London. St Anne’s in Limehouse to be exact. It is a really nice big old church and it had some lovely natural light popping in through the windows. It really made the footage in there look great. Pro tip guys; when you’re choosing your venues, natural light from windows is a top priority!

Bride and Groom wedding in East London. Getting married in St Anne's Church, Limehouse

The Atrium

I mentioned earlier the singing and dancing was really special. I think this was especially true later on in the day during the reception at the Atrium. I’m not sure what the song that was playing was bit it was really uplifting and it got everyone at the reception jumping up and down together. I had my Ronin S out at this point so I managed to capture some really nice smooth footage .

The Film

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