Wedding: Pembroke Lodge

Iranian Wedding

This video captures my first Iranian wedding at Pembroke Lodge. I shot this wedding back in the summer on one of the hottest days of the year. As we all know, this past summer was a summer to remember in terms of weather, it was one of the hottest in recent years. I say, good old climate change!

The couple Maryam and Babak were from Iran and they really bought the weather with them… it’s hot in Iran, right? It was the first Iranian wedding I have filmed and I hope it won’t be the last. Everyone at the event was incredibly welcoming and made me feel part of the day.

I found one of the fathers speeches to be very interesting. He talked about the cycles of life and how we need to work at bringing more joy into each other’s lives. The process of translating and transcribing the speeches was good fun and added an extra element to the editing process.

Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge is always a great location to film at. The staff there are extremely organised and have all their cards in order. Going for a walk into Richmond Park is always worthwhile. Not only for the amazing shots you can get of the vista, but also for all the comments the bride and groom get from passers-by. People say some funny things to brides and grooms!


I found myself surrounded by a heard of deer at the end of the night whilst waiting for my Uber. It was very relaxing to hear them munching on the grass underneath the stars. I did keep wondering what the footage would look like. If only I had a night vision camera, I think it would of made for some great B-roll


Please enjoy this wedding film captured in and around Richmond Park! I can’t share this film without mentioning the photographer because we love his work so much! Be sure to check out the photos from this day by Kevin from KND Photography! [ Link to Wedding Page]

You can see the extended video highlights of the day below:

Babak & Maryam from Hargreaves Films on Vimeo.


KND Photography

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