The Top 8 Wedding Videographers in the World Today

The List

Here is my list of who I believe are some of the best cinematic wedding videographers in the world. It’s safe to say there are levels to this business, from budget wedding videographers to the destination wedding videographers included in this list. As a wedding filmmaker, I hold no delusions that I am in the upper echelons just yet. That doesn’t mean I can’t look up from where I stand and marvel at the wedding films of others. I’d like to use this opportunity to share some of the wedding cinematography that I aspire to. Some on the list are London wedding videographers, others are from around the world. I am in no doubt that if price was no issue, the people on this list could be trusted to achieve the best wedding video possible.

So, in no particular order, here are some films from my favourite Wedding Videographers in the World

Maru Films

Philip White

Fiore Films

The Film Poets

Gione da Silva

Riccardo Fasoli

Ray Roman

Richard Leng

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